Low Calorie Diets — Part 2 of 2

I went on my first ever diet a couple of months ago. It was successful, I lost weight, the scale reflected that, as did my looser fitting jeans. But soon, those same jeans began to fit a little tighter again. I did not gain more than a couple of pounds initially, but soon I was back up five pounds. I panicked and went back on the diet for two days. Eventually I lost the five pounds, but I didn’t look any different. I saw myself becoming one of those people who were completely obsessed with controlling their weight. At that point I stopped playing into the numbers game. My weight has always fluctuated and always will.

Nowadays I don’t check the scale everyday. I just doesn’t matter that much anymore. The truth of the matter is, I like my body, I like the way it looks. I have intensified my workouts though in an effort to increase lean muscle mass and decrease fat mass. I am more interested in my body fat than my body weight. I feel strong, healthy and energetic, but then again I felt that way at 152 pounds. I started following the Mediterranean diet a couple of months ago and it’s been great for me. I have always had the energy to exercise regularly, so who cares about what the scales says, I don’t.

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