The Journey – Internal Purification

Yoga and alchemy are practices of transformation. Through them, one endeavors to dissolve the ego self and to go beyond the mundane centered nature imbued therein. One can thereby synthesize a new self-image and achieve a renewed sense of awareness by following this course. The raising of kundalini is linked to the yogic process and thus to the alchemical process. Specifically, the modalities of taking kundalini up through the chakras and taking the gross self into the higher self is accomplished by opening / modulating the granthis. Insights that take one beyond the mundane are thereby acquired.

Yoga is union. It Is the modality by which one brings the positive and negative polarities into dynamic spiritual balance. Alchemy is the science of self transformation. It is the changing in action and in character from the mortal into the spiritual. Each discipline contains steps that are close in similarity, although they are termed differently. They, basically, are steps that progress from the gross nature of the self to higher levels of unified expansiveness. Yet, that is part and parcel of the process. The work that facilitates the transformative process can be revelatory one . . . sometimes painfully so.

The ego is part of human nature. It is necessary for dealing with everyday life. However, overtly identifying with the ego self is antithetical to a more complete experiencing of earth plane existence.  Overt identification with the ego self can generate a narcissism, bringing on a myopic self-centered focus to all matters. The responsibility is for each person to go beyond the abbreviated aspects of the ego. The individual must allow the ego space to keep them functionally anchored in (illusory) reality. At the same time, one’s inner self must not be confined to overt, egoic limits. One is self but one is MORE than self.

Engaging in the practices of yoga or alchemy will take the individual on a personal, inner journey. This journey will be one of discovering and acquainting the self with those aspects of their being that have become disconnected from the totality of one’s essence. The essence is shrouded within layers of unrefined energy. Yoga describes them as chakras. In alchemy they are presented as levels. The lowest levels are the densest, most gross in each system. The goal is to raise the internal energy such that purification occurs, subsequently, at each level while achieving higher degrees of refinement.

The energy of which we speak is called kundalini. The goal of the yoga practitioner / alchemical metaphysician is to harness the energy and direct it accordingly. The act of proper breathing, the maintenance of good posture, being aware of but not attached to the flow of thoughts are some of the methods that more easily facilitate the movement of energy. The flow of energy toward less dense is not a necessarily speedy process. It can be sped up but not forced. Patience is of import because the energetics of each level must be processed as one reaches towards the less dense, more refined and expansive heights of unreachable perfection.

Bandhas in action
Deep Breathwork

The raising of energies through the utilization of the granthis is a basic modality within the practice of yoga. Granthi is a Sanskrit word that translated to a “knot”. They are three psychic knots situated in the astral body. They block the chakras and obstruct the flow of Kundalini energy. There are sundry (tantra) yoga kriyas (practices) that will assist in piercing each knot. They are permutations of pranayama, meditation, asana, mudras, and mantras. These practices must coincide with a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, and following Yama (moderating undesirable practices) and Niyama (adhering to beneficial practices).

There are practices within the context of Alchemy that can support the process of ascribing to more refined energetic levels. These might include various types of introspection . . . . journaling, regression analysis, dream interpretation, recounting past actions on a time-period basis (daily, days, weeks, etc). Any practice that assists in shedding the dross of each level and taking it to higher levels for further processing and refinement is to be regarded as positive. The goal is to come to a clearer view and acceptance of self; while endeavoring to journey toward a more highly refined, truer individual. Alchemy and yoga can be complementary of each other in this regard.

The practices and modalities thus alluded to will enable one to achieve vivid insights into what it is that drives them. They will be greatly helpful in resolving any issues, encountered, real or imagined, that might be a hindrance to living as a more authentic individual. The present society is so caught up in projecting images.  So much so that many people struggle with the person who is not afraid of being authentic. These very people, most of them, struggle with the real individual that exists within each of them. By shedding the conflicting inconsistencies that  we all harbour, we are more able to accurately define and live within truth. Being that our truth should be, can be self-edifying within the totality of all existence (i. e. seeing beyond our drop of water into the totality of all oceans).

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