Lockdown . . . in reality . . .

The expansion of human capabilities is stymied within the morass of illusory physical reality. For many, reality is what is perceived as the physical.  All senses are miraculous . . . . sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch. Yet, within human societies the attention given to the senses is in overload. The amount of compulsory activity driven by sense stimulation is truly a result of socialized construction. Within the Quantum Physics field, it has been proven that reality derives from the attention that is given over to it. The solidity of (a) particle(s) arises due to attention mediated wave function collapse. However, the senses can indeed go beyond the physical.   

Preoccupation with the physical.

People are tied to material existence. Socialization is conducted in a setting that revolves around the ideas of acquiring, possessing, and owning . . . . more. In the #38 episode of Shang-Chi / Master of Kung Fu, the character Juliette outlines the folklore of the ‘Magicians of the Night’. These mages stimulate and intoxicate the senses by employing Incenses to smell and lose oneself in, sensual, subtle lighting that is pleasing the eyes, and various objects to hold and manipulate for tactile stimulation. Individuals would allow themselves to be transported to a, seemingly, more pleasing reality through manipulation of and by attaching to the senses. Sense stimulation within material existence amplifies the magic of the magicians.  Today, that folklore is an entrenched actuality.

A wall at the Pasaquan
A wall at the Pasaquan

Quantum dissolution of the physical               

There are studies which demonstrate that, at the core, all solidity exists as empty space. All solid objects are comprised of >95% empty space, quantum nothingness. Another way of seeing this is all things held dear are basically ‘no-thing’. The frequency variations of all that is perceived gives rise to colors, structures, and all manner of life. All things are the same, internally, Perception and magnification of differences facilitates the use of classification and the degree categorization increases. The senses feel at home because something substantial is available as an anchor. However, this gives rise to differentiations and exclusions based on accepted externalized concepts and superficial standards. At the quantum level, these concepts and standards are of non-effect.    

The Brain
bbThe various parts of the brain

Quantum Coupling / Psi Phenomena

So what is the purpose of the senses??  The senses (are) developed to assist with navigating, assessing, and monitoring the physical environment. The brain carries it all one step further by processing all of the information provided by the senses. Yet, this is what relegates humans, generally speaking, to existence in physical mundanity. People, in general, can think that there is something beyond the senses, but many want to stay anchored to the senses. The majority of people think that meditation is something beyond their capacity. A practice that exists ‘only in Vedic ashrams, Buddhist temples and Cloistered monasteries. Let alone instances of E.S.P., Psi Phenomena, Out of Body experience and what have you. Quantum Coupling has been observed between atoms separated by distance. Distance is not a barrier to these paired atoms responding to the perturbations to which each are subjected. Could humans possibly develop this and other capacities, on a large scale?? If the attachment to the senses were to be . . . . suspended, mayhaps, they could,

Humans limit their abilities is to see and expand beyond the limits of the senses by overly identifying tactile, physical reality. Things, items, goods and the like are presented as the reason for (one’s) existence in a myriad of ways. However, the core of all solidity, the core of all existence, is empty space. The sole purpose of the senses is to assist with navigating, assessing, and monitoring the physical environment instead of the physical as the totality of reality. Enjoy the senses, employ them as needed, and allow for stepping beyond the limits that are part and parcel of them.

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