Constituents of Physiological Aging

Physiological aging can be concurrent with the chronological aging process. Yet, one can enacts measures to mitigate the impact of chronology. Specifically, there are processes that one can employ which can sustain bodily functionality into one’s later years. They include breathing, exercise, diet, rest and experience. Breathing is a natural function but is left to its’ own devices. As such the full breath is seldom explored or accessed. Full breathing will maintain the ability to breath fully. Exercise is available in many styles. There is no excuse for not exercising because there is something for everyone. Diet can be challenging because industry plays on the human gravitation toward sugar fats and salt. One must develop a taste for health over temptation. Sleep . . . many in the modern world are sleep deprived. Rest must be(come) a priority. As age encroaches, the thirst for new experience subsides. Yet, older adults can learn new things and thrive in new environments. Plus, they have the wisdom that comes with life experience wisdom. When coupled with self-confidence, it sets a positive environment for positive change at any age.

To be cared for
Woman taking a man’s temperature in bed.

The body is basically a machine. The body is still developing when it is brand new. With development comes capability. The body physically peaks, on average, in the early  to mid-thirties. Although, some hormonal decline does begin before that time. Many proceed with life on a daily basis until something amiss occurs.  There are beneficial physical activities that, If continued with regularity, can help to sustain a major amount of bodily vitality.

By bringing more breath and energy into the body, the stage is prepared for better metabolism, increased oxygen availability, improved functioning of the breathing structures. Breathing occurs  naturally in the body. Yet, because the function threshold of body is minimal, the fullness of the breath is rarely explored or experienced to maximum potential. Breathing is life. It also serves as a spiritual act. Breathing can be very meditative and focus inducing. Breathe.

To breath or not to breath . . . . . . .
Inhale, switch nostril, hold, Exhale hold . . . . switch nostrils. Wash, Rinse, Repeat . . . .

Moving and fortifying the body through exercise. Exercise comes in many forms. To find and commit to an agreeable fitness modality is indicative of the self care that one gives to themselves. There are many type of exercise regimens available. Exercise can range from housework / gardening to triathlons. It is a matter of what someone likes and how much time they are willing to and can put into the activity. Exercise is movement, it is not about physically maxing out unless that is what one wants to do. Even then, common sense and pacing must be employed for the more intense physical modalities.

Consuming more wholesome and healthy foods; including supplements (less processed, less prepackaged), Quality of food and food consumption are important but are often overlooked. People, in general, will rationalize their diet choices on the grounds of taste, finances or ease of acquisition. Poor dietary choices reveal themselves with the passage of time. More healthful eating will provide the nutritional base for functional activity as one ages. Supplementation is also important in that there are just some nutrients that are lacking in or not supplied by a wholesome dietary regimen.

These are some great sources of fiber.
These are just some of the great sources of fiber that are available

Can enough good point be made about rest. Rest is the re-charge, rebuild period of the body. We are expending energy and breaking the body down while we actively rushing about during day or nighttime hours. Through resting, this process is interrupted and reversed somewhat. Sadly, many Modern World Denizens (including myself) are severely short in the sleep department. If one is in poor health, poor condition, shortage of sleep can result in larger health issues. Rest is rest, sleep more.

Mental stimulation is a boon for the aging individual. One can choose amongst several options to benefit the mind: i.e. learning to juggle, wobble-boarding, basic balancing, doing mental puzzles The researchers believe that many of the supposed age-related changes which affect the mind, such as memory loss, are actually lifestyle related.  Seniors, especially, must exercise their minds through mental stimulation to ensure they remain sharp and maintain their cognitive skills. Keeping an active body is crucial just as keeping an active mind is crucial.

Breathing, Moving, Diet, Rest, Mental Stimulation . . . . These activities will benefit the body well into one’s later years. Approaching these activities wisely will keep the body healthy and vital.

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