The Worlds within Thought

Awareness of the flow of thought supports monitoring which facilitates adjustments to one’s perceptions of reality. Knowing the mind is critically important for existing within a reality. The mind gravitates betwixt many levels, often without our cognization. Efforts to adjust one’s reality are easier when focus is given to the present moment. As thoughts facilitate reality, knowing the present moment can allow one to direct their reality.

Many people exist each day on auto-pilot. There is nothing wrong with routine until it becomes rote. Rote is easy but it does not provide the avenues for existing outside of a routine. Becoming aware of a routine can lead to seeing how different circumstances lead to different mindsets, different perceptions of reality. Thus, awareness can help break the cycle of routine.

The mind is what creates the perceptions that many people take to either favorable or unfavorable. One decides, based upon their perception, to stay in a situation or not. Using Wym Hof as an example, that VAST majority of people would find those conditions, that he finds a great degree of comfort within, to be TOTALLY detestable. Even in light of the benefits that are accessible through cold water immersion, many could never mentally surmount their perceptions of that circumstance.

The mind contains many carnations of reality. They exist simultaneously but only manifest (more or less) individually. Within Buddhist Canon there is the concept of 3000 Realms within One Moment of Thought (Ichinen Sanzen) . . . . that is to say, the mind contains 3000 different perceptions of reality within a moment of thought. Thus, it becomes critical to be in the present moment.  

The 3000 realms consist of 10 worlds, each containing10 worlds, within each existing 10 aspects. This is the existence of 1000 realms (10x10x10). The 1000 realms can be found in each of the 3 Factors (Self, Sangha, Environment). Our attention will be on the initial 10 worlds. These are the more tangible factors of the 3000 Realms in a Moment. The 10 worlds are 1). Avici Hells – Suffering 2). Hungry Demons – Greed 3). Animal(ity) – Instinct 4). Angry Ghosts – Self-righteous 5). Human – Tranquility 6). Heaven – Rapture 7). Sravaka – Self-Reflection 8). Pratyeka Buddha – Realization 9). Boddhisattva – Caring 10). Buddha – Enlightenment. Within this outline of the 10 worlds, The initial designation is an energetic archetype while the bold is how each designation can be conceptualized.

Each of the 10 worlds can be individually accessed in the present moment. Not being in the present moment allows the mind to be swayed by mental currents that can constrain one to a less than desirable world. The concept of vrittis, in yogic philosophy provides some insight into the mental currents. They are Sleep, Memory, Imagination, Improper Knowing, Proper Knowing. Proper knowing is the vehicle that leads to existence in the Present Moment. The other vrittis serve to sustain the manifestations of less than desirable worlds.

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Awareness in the present moment will allow one to navigate the worlds and reach a point of higher spiritual vibration. One will not reside where they are not comfortable. The worlds are traversed by thought, by consciousness, by awareness. When one is suffering, greedy, reactive, or condescending, they can, by feeling the energy brought about be a mental state, change that mindset, change that world-locus. The worlds are ever present within each individual. Where one chooses to be in any one moment is a personal choice.

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