Fa-La-La-La-La . . . . Holidays are here

The Holidays have rolled around once more. The pandemic is putting a damper on many of the usual activities are upon us, but one item remains constant. There will be plenty of foods and snack items that will be circulating amongst us all. The urge to eat these foodstuffs must be tempered with awareness and (physical) activity. The result of not exercising moderation can impact our health and fitness efforts. All that one must do is add a little more activity and practice a little more restraint.

Holiday season is, for many, a festive time. Thoughts of gaiety and mirth are in the forefront of thoughts and actions. People want to gather, send good thoughts to people that they know, more than not, and to those with whom they might mildly associated. This is the time of year that one may reflect on the ‘good things in their lives’, in light of all of the strife and stress that is presently besetting the world. Also, many take advantage of those foodstuffs that magically appear in abundance.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The pandemic is a factor in the minimized contact between family an d friends. According to National  statistics, Thanksgiving air travel in 2020 was significantly less than for the same time period in the previous year. Air travel for 2019 is cited at 2.8 million while for 2020 it is cited at 1.76 million. That is a 39% decrease in Thanksgiving travel. The effect is not enough to completely avert a surge in COVID (if one occurs. Yet it effect is noticeable enough on the bottom line of many airlines.

We go to work, those that are working, and there is the occasional basket, tray, or plate of home baked goodies. They stare and beckon to be consumed. Many are the individual who succumbs to the temptation only to regret it at a later time. The temptation is strong but can be resolved. The goodies need not hold sway over us. Urges can be reduced but one must want this to be the case.

The hand is an amazing thing.
What is a serving size??

To hold the consequences of the holiday food onslaught at bay, the little things must be given increased attention. For example, parking further away from doors, taking the stairs, monitoring the amount of goodies consumed and adding a little more intentional activity. These actions may appear to be trivial. However, they actually increase the body’s ability to handle the extra energy that extra foodstuff will provide. These actions, although small, must be consistently performed.  

So, with a mindful approach, one can maintain their degree of health, wellness, and wellbeing over the holidays. Health issues, physical or physiological, must be of utmost concern during this time. Eating too many goodies can have deleterious effects on overall health. Mindfulness, then, becomes very important. In fact, in extreme cases, the goodies may have to be seriously curtailed or altogether avoided.

Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels.com

The Holiday Foodfest can, for most individuals, be enjoyed. There will be many gustatory options out there to good to pass up. However, if reason can proceed consumption, the Holidays need not be approached with dread. They can be enjoyed, just not with the abandon that can lead to . . . . regretful consequences.


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