Our Daily Breath . . . . . .

Our breathing often glosses over the fullness of each inhalation and each exhalation. We often allow the uniqueness of each day to pass us by without our ever noticing. Yet, there is a completeness in each breath, in each passing day, that must be indulged to be utilized for our benefit. The act of bringing our awareness to breathing has implications beyond the physical level. Knowing that each day is fresh and new allows (for) new vistas of potential to come to the fore.

These physiological processes involve various incidences of compound dissolution (breakdown), transferal and re-combination (building). These processes, at their basis, are atomic and molecular reorganizations . . . . things being pulled apart; thing being put together. These series of reorganizations occur at fractions of milliseconds. Thousands upon thousands of these operations are occurring even when one is sitting or sleeping. There is the constant interplay of creation, destruction and the flux betwixt them existing within each individual.

Oxygen is the driving force of physiological processes natural one could surmise that more oxygen would support more physiological. The more complete the exhalations, the more capacity for full inhalations and more oxygen. Breathing, down to the smallest aspects of the physical sustains life. There is more than enough oxygen (at least now) for the needs of all on earth. Yet, many people breath so shallowly that physical structures which accommodate breathing, eventually, become restricted.

So, on a metaphysical level, decreased breathing capacity, resulting from shallow breathing, means less creation and destruction. If one were to imagine that reorganized molecular compounds are, possibly, smaller dimensions of existence, then the creation and dissolution of universes, worlds is not a far cry. Breathing to the depths of creation, beyond the expanses of the known universes can facilitate a newness in one’s outlook, posture, attitude . . . . . . all from viewing the breath as a vehicle for creating.

One breathes on a daily basis and each day, like each breath, possesses it’s own nuanced differences.  Yet each day is typically approached like the one before. Just a period of time to be filled with repetitive tasks and boring obligations. People languish in a dry, unchangeableness of activity when each day is viewed so inconspicuously. To alter one’s perception of unchangeability to that of freshness and vibrancy is to lift expectations; to being open to new potentials and possibilities that are concomitant with each new day.

Take into account that ‘sunrise’ is referred to as ‘the dawn’ or ‘the birth’ of a new day. It is important to embrace that newness every second, every minute, every day. This may seem to be a monumental task. Nonetheless, it must be done. Even if one must return to the process over and over throughout the day, it must be done. Thoughts potential can be entrained into the psyche; thereby, replacing thoughts of tediousness. Outlook is key. When one goes to bed, thoughts of inability, of worthlessness, of overall shortcoming must be cast aside. Upon waking, thoughts of gratitude, of availability, of advantageous potentiality must be embraced. The tone of one’s day will be emboldened by this process.

One must go forth with the day and not embody a perception of drudgery. Be possessed with a vibrancy that eschews any semblance of flatness or invariability. Use the periods of free time to appreciate the now. Perhaps, lay the groundwork for plans that you have to progress hobbies, projects or ideas that may be waiting to be unfolded. Each day provides the option for staying in place or moving onward. The choice for either must be made. To not decide is to opt for stuckness.

Take the option, each day to breath as if all of life, all of creation, depends on it. Let each day present potential for expressions of vital freshness and newness. This is an option that each person has to individually make available to themselves on a conscientious level. It must be a personal choice, to indulge the NOW moment, moments in a spirit of vitality.

Every ‘DAY’ is an ‘Opportunity’. Every ‘BREATH’ is a ‘Universe’.     

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