Wellness, Health: Why not??

Wellness is often viewed as a state which can be ignored or as something beyond the reach of regular individuals. However, wellness is not only something that is attainable, it must be maintained for proper functioning of the mind and body. Many people spend their waking moments keeping up with bills, family and sundry tasks as afforded by life. Illness makes it challenging to perform daily activities. Yet, even when healthy, people barely take notice of the fullness of breath or the enjoyment of rest. Basic everyday activities will help to sustain one’s health and wellness, if given priority.

Health and wellness receive little attention, that is until they are in a compromised state. The (human) body is a marvel to behold. It will perform based upon the care and attention that it is given. Daily obligations monopolize limited amounts of time. These activities become compromised when sickness or injury have occurred. Efforts must be expended to bring the body back to a healthy state. Giving similar amount of attention to one’s well-being prior to sickness or injury can lend to maintaining a healthier state. Rest and deep breathing are key.

To be cared for
Woman taking a man’s temperature in bed.

Keeping abreast of one’s responsibilities is important. It allows one to navigate freely without any hindrance from neglected obligations. Paying bills, running errands for home and family, meeting deadlines, maintaining relationships are all ways in which one occupies themselves. People may be under the assumption that there is not enough time to engage in minimal health supporting actions. This is due to obligations that require attention and time. Any amount of time that can be carved out for self can be used to positively promote improved health and well-being.

Do it for the money!!
Can’t be late!!!

One way in which one can promote their own health and wellness is through full breathing. It is through breathing that all activities are possible. Breathing is important in that the body utilizes the fuel of oxygen to support the (metabolic) processes that sustain (one’s) life. Without oxygen, muscle actions, digesting of food, cognitive processing etc could not occur. Nonetheless, many people seldom give conscious notice to taking full complete breaths throughout their adult lives. Yet, the act of completely breathing will maintain the elasticity of the lungs and provide maximal oxygen to the body. The body will be more able to carry out the various processes necessary to carry out daily activities.

Buddhist Kinhin Walking

Basic activities can help one to sustain normal levels of health. Activities such as parking a little further from a door to encourage walking, taking time to get up and stretch or move around (after extended periods of sitting), taking time to breath more deeply or getting a little more rest (on a consistent basis) can provide health and wellness benefits. These are not over the top activities. They are things that are extensions of daily activities. They can be done everyday by anyone. They can fit into any scheduling scenario. They provide a means to give one’s self some time for their own health and wellness.


Let the trainers at Ab-Sutra Wellness and Fitness in North Austin help you structure time for your health and well-being.

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