Health on your time

Rushing to accomplish things takes away from activities that can enhance (our) quality of life.  The daily ledger gets crammed with items deemed to be important. However, one’s own self fails to make the list of important things. Routines that can accommodate a limited time schedule can be accessed on line or through a knowledgeable professional. One’s health should be the major priority.

A smiling, healthy and active individual.
Stay Active and Eat Nutritiously

The daily objective is to make ends meet by going to work. For many, going to work means going to two jobs, maybe three. Studies show that wages have not kept up with the rise in prices. Working in the 50’s, rent only took up 35% of monthly (minimum) wages while in 2010, rent took up 52% of (minimum) wages. In the same time frame, gas prices increased by 10 times and movie tickets increased be 16 times. So, making end meet is a big part of living from day to day.

Getting to and from a job, perhaps to another job, getting items for the household, getting the family to and fro’ (in cases of 1 car families) is very important. This running around leaves one at a loss for personal time. It can be difficult to step back and carve out some time for one’s self. It can be even more challenging to put a program together to which one will adhere. One must realize that every little thing that they can do health-wise brings a better quality of life to their doorstep.

Do it for the money!!
Can’t be late!!!

25 minutes a day, 6 days a week. For some of us, that may be too much demand on an already thin schedule. What can one contribute to their fitness maintenance endeavors??  How much time is one willing to dedicate to themselves?  10 – 15 minutes for six days a week?? Consistency is the key to obtaining the health benefits that exercise can provide. There are people who, in pursuit of better health, envision themselves looking better. Instead of taking consistent, smaller steps that will provide the opportunity to develop consistency in one’s exercise routines.

In the pursuit of time friendly fitness routines, there are several options available online. Here is a routine that is available on the HASFit website, courtesy of Coach Kozak. It can be adjusted to time increments of 10 or 15 minutes.

Complete 3 rounds of each exercise:
Upright Row + Calf Raise x 30 seconds
Knee Raise + Twist x 30 seconds
Wall Push-ups x 30 seconds
Split Squat x 15 seconds per leg
Jog in place x 30 seconds
Bent-over Alternating Row x 30 seconds
Plank from knees x 30 seconds
One Leg Good-morning x 15 seconds per leg

Options for more aerobic oriented routine are also available.  Alternate routines between strength and aerobic focuses provide a better variety of fitness benefits. Consult your healthcare provider to determine if a specific routine is suited to your abilities.

Dream the impossible
Dream the impossible. Do the unthinkable.

It is easy to get caught up in day to day routines. Time is a premium and is often stretched thin for many. Making ends meet, keeping the household maintained, rushing back and forth to do so leaves minimal for self-care. However, it is important that time b e carved out for one’s self. The time increments available for this maybe small. Nonetheless, it is very beneficial to make use of it in the pursuit of better health. The attempt must be made to be consistent in one’s exercise endeavors.

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