Walk Your Walk to Weight Loss

At first glance, golf seems like a lazy person’s sport. Caddies can carry your golf bags for you and carts are available to transport you easily from hole to hole. Despite all of the conveniences, weight loss is possible for golfers. By changing your game a bit, golfing can help you shed excess pounds.

Before you start your game, warm up for 15 to 20 minutes. Walking on the treadmill at the clubs fitness center and stretching your muscles will warm them, prevent injury, and burn calories. By choosing to walk the course instead of taking a cart you will get in a cardiovascular workout and expend more calories. Assuming you are free from any musculoskeletal issues and are able to do so, then to carry your own bag. Invest in a pull or push cart so you can walk the course and slim down. If you choose to carry the golf bag yourself, be sure to change shoulders every now and then to maintain muscle balance.

The key to walking the course is to maintain a brisk pace while increasing your caloric expenditure. If your club requires golf carts, then stick to the cart paths. Instead of riding to your ball, leave the cart on the path directly opposite your ball, grab a couple of clubs and walk to your ball. All the additional walking and calorie burning will require the intake of more liquids; opt for water instead of soda or beer.

Writing down your weight loss and golf goals makes you more likely to achieve them. And while you’re at it, keep a three-day food log. You may be surprised to see how much or how little you eat. By the way, skipping meals is not the answer to permanent weight loss. Shedding unwanted weight becomes easier when you combine conscious eating habits with exercise that you actually like doing. By making these simple changes to your game, you will drop extra pounds and improve your game.

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