Home Cooking

A satisfying whole grain meal.
Healthy Fast Food

When it is time to eat, many of us want it quickly. It does not seem to matter that quickly comes at a cost. Fast food restaurants rob us of money, energy, vital nutrients, and fiber. Prepackaged, precooked, and processed foods are another culprit. These “foods” are loaded with salt and preservatives. Sure, they may be quick, but they are dangerous if you eat them regularly. Don’t get me wrong, I occasionally consume packaged foods and I enjoy eating out but the majority of the food I eat I prepare myself.

Cooking at home using fresh ingredients is an excellent way to get more nutrients. When dining out, we tend to gravitate toward all the wrong things. I don’t know anyone who goes to a restaurant and orders the steamed or raw vegetable platter. Experts believe up to one-third of cancers are related to diet.

Doing a little prep work ahead of time makes home cooking a lot easier. You can prepare your weekly meals over the weekend and freeze the meals until you are ready to eat them. Crock-pots also save plenty of time. You can prepare the meal in the morning and it will be ready by the time you get home, add a fresh salad and voila!

Home cooking does not mean that you are tied to the kitchen every night; it means you care enough about your health and the health of your family to put in a little effort.

If you are short on time and need something quick to eat, reach for one of these healthy alternatives.

1. High fiber, low sugar granola bar
2. Raw fruits and vegetables
3. Serving of raw nuts
4. 6 whole grain crackers
5. An ounce of cheese

*See Healthy Food blog for the “Healthy Fast Food” recipe.

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