Tell me More About the Core

The core is the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, thoracic and cervical spine. It is where the body’s center of gravity is located and where all movement begins.

The major muscles of the core are the diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, multifidus, rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, internal and external obliques, erector spinae, latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus, and the trapezius.

There are many benefits to having a strong core, some of which include; improvements in posture, improved performance in sports, reduced incontinence, improvements in balance and stabilization, and reduction in low-back pain and injury.

Why should I strengthen my core?

All of our movements are powered by the torso. An efficient core is necessary for maintaining proper muscle balance throughout the entire body. The core is the body’s powerhouse, so the stronger you are in that area, the easier your life will be.

How do I strengthen my core?

Core training is more involved than crunches. It is about training and strengthening the muscles of the hips, abdominals, and back to work together to stabilize the body. Floor Bridges and Planks are two common core exercises and are very effective when performed correctly. They strengthen the core muscles, including the pelvic floor, hamstrings, gluteals, transversus abdominis, upper body, and low back.

Floor Bridge


1.Lie supine on floor with knees bent, feet flat on the floor and toes shoulder-width apart and pointing straight ahead.

2. Place arms to the side, palms up.


3. Activate pelvic floor musculature.

4. Begin to lift tailbone off the floor until the knees, hips, and shoulders are in line.

5. Slowly lower spine back to the floor.

Video for the Floor Bridge



1. Lie prone on the floor with feet shoulder-width apart and forearms on the floor, palms flat.


2. Activate pelvic floor musculature.

3. Lift entire body off the ground until it forms a straight line from head to toe, resting on the forearms and toes.

4. Hold for several seconds, breathing.

5. Slowly return body to the ground.

Video for Elbow Plank

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  1. Hey there! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

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